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Issues with documentation

Advocacy message: ”  My advice to our government is that they should assist sex workers in this trying times. I am unable to apply for the Covid-19 grant because I don’t have an identification document. I can’t even apply for government assistance for my children. I have applied for the Covid grant but I can’t get the money because I don’t have an identification document.

I am just at home. Hoping and praying that someone will come out and help us. But I have no assistance. I have tried on varies occasions to out and work but the streets is empty. I am not seeing anyone. I am a single mother who was working in the streets to be in a position to provide for my children. I do not have any food in my house to feed my children. Imagine having an innocent baby crying out for food and not knowing what is happening. We are not safe and secure here as people do what they want.

I went out to work and see if I can get any clients and law enforcements pulled over to ask me what am I doing? And I tried to explain my situation to them and they have advised me to stay off the road.

It is very bad. I am just laying in bed with a constant headache due to stress. I am not coping.

#Endsystemicviolence #Endsexworkviolence #EndLGBTIQAviolence



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Public Relations Management student, Radio Presenter at unifm (CPUT), HIV/Aids Peer Educator, Good Presenter and Writer, Friendly and passionate about working with people.

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