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No access to basic needs

Sex workers have no clients during Covid-19, and this means that they are not able to provide for their children and families. Andiswa says that living in poverty has made it apparent to her that she is poor, and she cannot wait for this period to come to an end so that she can not only be able to regenerate some basic income, but also be able to see loved ones.

“Even people that usually help you are not showing up this time. It’s so streesful. I do not even ask for essentials for myself. It’s for my child.” Andiswa expresses how she has exhausted all her efforts to find resources. The state’s response is just set up by people who care very little for the poor. All they care about is money. Close family and friends cannot even help her anymore because even they are getting retrenched. So even those that thrive are finding themselved needing to cover basic needs. If you were below that bracket, then matters only get to the worst.

#Endsystemicviolence #Endsexworkviolece #EndLBTIQAviolence



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Public Relations Management student, Radio Presenter at unifm (CPUT), HIV/Aids Peer Educator, Good Presenter and Writer, Friendly and passionate about working with people.

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