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Rights Violation

Advocacy message:   Why is that we as sex workers are not also benefiting from the relieve funds? But voting times you come to our work sites to convince us to vote for you.

I have encountered a situation with the law enforcement. The police around our neighbourhood know the sex workers. One day I was on my way to the supermarket and they thought I was going to work. They have arrested me without asking any questions. When I tried to tell them, I was just going to the shop they did not bother to listen.

I also attended the Gender based violence protest once since woman are killed everyday by their partners and it has an impact on me as a sex worker as well. As I was wearing one of the t-shirts of the organisation helping sex workers during the protest the police approached us and told us that the protest was illegal and they only arrested those wearing the t-shirts from the organisation supporting sex workers. There were a lot of other organisations but they only targeted us.

Mentally I am not coping I am taking medication and I have to skip it because I can’t have my medication on an empty stomach. There is no help coming my way. Those that helped me at the beginning of lockdown got tired and it’s understandable.

On top of all this, Covid-19 has impacted my life in very negative way. I am unable to generate an income as I use to earn money by doing sex work. I am even unable to buy food for my children and I.



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Public Relations Management student, Radio Presenter at unifm (CPUT), HIV/Aids Peer Educator, Good Presenter and Writer, Friendly and passionate about working with people.

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