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About M4F

Mothers for the future (M4F) is a program led by sex workers for sex workers who are mothers and caregivers.

Mothers for the Future (M4F) was started in 2013 to support mothers who do sex work by providing a safe place to meet, organise, and access support as well as to build skills and share knowledge. This programme has been completely conceptualized, coordinated, and controlled by a group of mothers whose primary source of income is sex work. We do this through:

  • Supporting mothers and caregivers with childcare and safety
  • Supporting with social and psychosocial service needs
  • Healthcare (including sexual and reproductive health)
  • Legal support
  • Capacity and additional professional skills building for mothers and caregivers.

Studies conducted have shown that an average sex worker looks after 3+ dependents through the income they generate as sex workers. We are providers, carers and we have families. Our curriculum provides holistic support and resources, and we are actively mobilising and supporting the movement to decriminalise sex work.

Kindly donate to our relief campaign, and feel free to get in touch with us should you with to support in any other way.

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